man and machine on the same page

a simple and practical approach to knowledge representation




have the quality to

read data like a novel,

see the story it tells,

connect the dots.


have the quality to

grok vast quantities of data,

find anything in a split second.

Now imagine unifying these two qualities.

imagine a machine

  • understanding your data, like you do
  • connect the dots at the speed of light
  • as a member of your team

Meaningful Data

EDXML provides the means to associate data with its meaning.

Rather than spitting out meaningless data, computers start telling stories.

This empowers machines to read data similar to how humans read a book, learning more with each paragraph.

Integrating machine produced data with the meaning and context that humans associate with it
Man and machine sharing the same concepts associated with data, creating a common level of understanding of what the data means

From Data to Knowledge

Data becomes knowledge. A common level of understanding shared between the machine and its human operator results.

Using this knowledge, machines can transform from passive tools into active, knowledgeable assistants for human beings.

Practical and Simple

EDXML originates from operational needs and was shaped into its current form by applying it to actual real world problems in forensics, law enforcement, intelligence and cybersecurity.

As such, it has a strong focus on simplicity and practical applicability.

The ultimate envisioned goal is to achieve seamless cooperation between man and machine based on a common understanding of data.

... but how?

Have you ever seen a machine tell a fairy tale?

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